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TCM New Hire - Irene Jang

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The Critical Mass, LLC is fortunate to have Irene Jang joining our team.

Irene serves as Business Development Analyst at The Critical Mass. Prior to joining TCM, Irene gained extensive experiences in research, human rights, and business development.

In her most recent position as business development intern at SIMPLi, Irene acquired critical skillsets in the business development world, learning the significance of understanding company goal and mission when seeking to expand the firm’s capabilities. This was especially crucial as Irene undertook many of SIMPLi’s new projects to strengthen the company’s presence in the industry. She quantified their impact by researching standardized metrics used in the field for their inaugural impact report and conducted due diligence on potential business partnerships.

Before entering the business development world, Irene had, and continues to gain, formative experiences in the human rights field. Her position as communication and media intern with Human Rights Watch provided her extensive opportunities in utilizing data via media monitoring platforms to determine how to maximize media sources for audience outreach. Her data analysis during 2020 culminated in a data analysis report for the executives of HRW.

Currently, Irene is an undergraduate student at Barnard College of Columbia University, studying political science and Russian studies. She continues to cultivate her analytical and research skills as a research assistant with Columbia’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) organization, African American Redress Network, where she helps communities that face economic and ecological genocide build capacity for legislative change. Furthermore, she is a policy analyst for the Columbia Political Review, focusing particularly in China and Russian relations. Irene speaks Korean, but hopes to expand her linguistic and regional expertise of the Slavic and Eastern European region during her studies.


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