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TCM New Hire - Anne Teppel

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The Critical Mass, LLC is fortunate to have Anne Teppel joining our team.

Anne serves as Director of Compliance and Performance at The Critical Mass, bringing over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience from both governmental and non-governmental organizations combining international law, military operations, policy making, organizational development, human resources, and management.

Prior to joining The Critical Mass Anne served as Head of Department (acting) at the Danish Ministry of Defense where she took part in shaping major policy initiatives while also contributing to the internal development of the ministry as an organization and of its leadership.

Anne previously served as a military legal advisor to the Danish Armed Forces and did so for more than 7 years, starting at the Military Police and later moving on to the Danish Special Operations Command. In this role she served as an advisor to the senior levels of the Danish military, at home as well as on several multinational deployments to the Middle East and Africa. She proudly continues to serve the Danish Special Operations Command as a reserve officer.