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TCM uses several international standards and best practices to plan, implement, track progress, and measure outcomes in our projects. Among others, these include the Kirkpatrick Model Four Levels of Evaluation© and our own proprietary E-CCEL© Security Assistance Framework.

ECCEL Framework - The Critical Mass.png

TCM defines sustainability in the security assistance context to be “consistent and demonstrated individual or organizational capacity and self-driven commitment to acquire, practice, adapt, and leverage knowledge, skills, or competencies.

Evaluate Competence

Occurs outside of and is applied throughout the framework sequence.

Cultivate Competence

Information gathering, contextualization of goals, expectation setting, and awareness-raising phase.

Coalesce Competence

A representative group of stakeholders is identified and convened into meaningful bodies or acting entities.

Empower Competence

Augmentation, creation, or activation of authorized and recognized organizational mechanisms that serve as vehicles for the adoption and practice of new or enhanced processes or capabilities.

Leverage Competence

A "Critical Mass" of stakeholders demonstrates the ability and intent to apply new or enhanced processes or capabilities in support of broader or previously unaffiliated teams, organizations, sectors, or efforts.

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