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TCM New Hire - Mariya Chukhnova

Mariya Chukhnova - TCM Project Coordinator

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The Critical Mass, LLC is fortunate to have Ms. Mariya Chukhnova joining our team.

Mariya Chukhnova serves as Project Coordinator at The Critical Mass. Before joining TCM, Mariya worked as Project Manager at Sovereign Ventures, a management consulting company that specializes in fighting systemic corruption in developing democracies by using innovative solutions.

At Sovereign Ventures, she was responsible for developing and managing projects, monitoring and reporting results, researching and analyzing critical materials, and communicating with partners. Prior to that, she worked as Office Manager and Assistant to a Senior Director at the Community Impact at Columbia University, an NYC-based non-profit organization. She assisted during the grant proposal research and writing processes, maintained various databases, and communicated with partners. In addition, she was responsible for annual professional development training for over 100 student employees.

Mariya is also Ukrainian Interpreter for The Providencia Group, an organization that provides human services to various government agencies. As a Ukrainian Interpreter, she assists Ukrainian minors at refugee centers and provides interpretation services to case managers. The program for Ukrainian minor refugees is run by the Office for Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the United States. Additionally, Mariya serves as a United Nations representative of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women Organizations.