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TCM Thanks Junior Project Coordinator Ms. Lucienne (Lucie) Dragoo

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The Critical Mass LLC is grateful for Lucie’s support to our growing TCM team.

A graduate of Saint Louis University (SLU) and the associated Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Program, Lucie started as an Intern and was quickly promoted to Junior Project Coordinator based on her performance and attention to detail.

Among other contributions, Lucie supported TCM’s DOS NDF-sponsored project “Enhanced Interoperability of GOI/KRI Units and Airport Officials to Effectively Respond to and Prevent CBW Incidents,” in addition to TCM’s support augmenting DOS’s Women, Peace, and Security implementation strategies.

As a Women-Owned and Female Veteran-led organization, we wish Lucie all the best as she starts her career in the U.S. Air Force!


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