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#ISOAWarsaw2022 Day 1 TCM Takeaways

Key themes we’re hearing at #isoawarsaw2022 International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) here in Warsaw:

-Importance of preventing dependency & planning for sustainable security solutions

-Compared to Iraq & Afghanistan, self-sufficiency with a targeted security and humanitarian approach is possible due to advanced Ukrainian society

-Importance of #localization (H/T USAID & USAID - Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance) playing a role in industry’s approach to finding partners and building compelling proposals

-Cross-cutting themes of cybersecurity and countering #disinformation across all efforts

-Sense of urgency on influence & information operations. Consistency on strategic messaging themes

-Importance of deliberate planning to protect #criticalinfrastructure

-United commitment to defeat Russia

(Top photo is Move One Inc booth. Piece of art)



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