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March Good News Story: Stopping Disinformation

GEC –In the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russian state-affiliated and/or funded actors are increasing the Kremlin’s spread of disinformation, particularly pertaining to CBRN threats in Ukraine, the broader Eurasian region and beyond. To this end, TCM continues the dissemination campaign for its U.S. State Department Global Engagement Center-funded report, “Contaminated Trust: Public Health Disinformation and its Societal Impacts in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.” Over the past two months, TCM’s team has given talks and participated in panel discussions on security, disinformation, the Eurasian region, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at over 10 major universities, including the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, Davis Center at Harvard, Oxford University, American Councils in Tbilisi, Georgia, etc. On March 25, TCM presented research findings and methodology highlights from “Contaminated Trust,” the DoS-sponsored research conducted over the past year to a vibrant community of researchers and experts at The Global (Dis)Information Lab (GDIL) at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to this, on February 14, TCM alongside the WHO’s Infodemic Management leadership co-chaired a webinar on "Building Trust & Confidence in Public Health Institutions and the Health System,” which included perspectives from expert panelists from Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.


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