Continuity and talent sustainment in threat reduction capacity building.


TCM consultants draw from a broad range of experiences in adapting internationally accepted frameworks to support programming against emerging and dynamic threats. 

In a time and resource constricted environment, optimizing solicitations to elicit clear, mission focused programming solicitation that encourage relevant, targeted proposals that nest into departmental priorities and program/ capability building cycles.


TCM’s focus is enabling the USG and Sponsors to utilize the best and most dynamic organizations to achieve their objectives and maximize sustainable return on investment. 


TCM assists organizations (both for and non-profit) in winning opportunities to implement programs via a variety of funding vehicles by developing compliant, compelling proposals, white papers, and concept notes.


TCM’s sustainability and technical SMEs integrate into implementer business development cycles to assist with capture, proposal planning, and production.  TCM provides subject matter experts and proposal writing professional services to assist and fill out planning and writing teams and assist in follow through and modification to ensure that programs are adequately resourced, scoped, and coordinated so that implementers can deliver on proposal promises.  Our team has produced successful grant, contract, and task order proposals for a variety of USG solicitations, totaling wins of over 100mUSD in the past two years.


TCM SMEs have both operational and programmatic experience and can ensure that project designs are nested in sponsor priorities as well as host nation realities with feasible, defensible timelines and outputs/metrics. 


Through leveraging international stakeholder and thought leader expertise, relationships, and trust, TCM assists partners in ensuring that programmatic goals are met or exceeded. 


Our sustainability framework focuses on continuity and effective sequencing of programs and engagements to build resilient and self-sufficient systems and talent networks to counter known and emergent security threats.


TCM utilizes multiple data and information analysis tools to obtain verifiable, accurate snapshots of program implementation progress, performance, and success.  Most critically, TCM evaluates and analyzes programs in multi-year, international and host nation contexts, providing feedback and recommendations for both immediate and longer term, logically sequenced interventions and enhancements.  


TCM partners with sponsors and stakeholders to design and deliver Exercises, Trainings, Conferences, and other events that drive progress toward international sustainability and capacity building goals.  By applying “engaged theory” principles grounded in social science to conference and symposium design and lifecycle, TCM assists security enterprises to set and achieve next level sustainability goals that encourage multilateral buy-in and enduring support.